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Is Your Teenager Struggling To Find Their Place In The World?

  • Are they dealing with sadness, moodiness, or a lack of interest and motivation?
  • Do they feel like they don’t fit in or belong anywhere?
  • No matter how hard you try to support them, does it feel like nothing helps?

The teenage years are a tough time of life. On top of hormonal issues and a changing body, your teenager probably has to deal with peer pressure, academic pressure, and unrealistic expectations for success. They’re trying to figure out their identity and find their place in the world, and doing so can be stressful. For the first time, you may be considering a teen therapist.

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Your Teen May Be Withdrawn And Resistant To Tell You What’s Going On

Perhaps they’re lonely and spending unusual amounts of time in their room. The more they withdraw, the more you want to help out—but they may not want you to get involved. Every time you try to ask them what’s going on, they may get irritable or exasperated. 

Parenting a teenager is hard because they want independence, but they still need support. Sometimes, as the parent, there’s only so much you can do. That’s why counseling is such a great opportunity for teens. At Green Heart Therapy, our therapists are here to help your teen work through their emotional struggles and become the confident, independent person that they long to be.

Being A Teenager Nowadays Is Harder Than It Ever Was

Many teenagers suffer from anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other mental health issues. But in today’s world, these problems are more rampant than ever. Teens nowadays face unhealthy levels of pressure to succeed socially, academically, and athletically. They’re supposed to be popular, look beautiful, and know what they want to do with their future.

Social media only exacerbates the pressure on teens. Although it can often be a force for good and there are many accounts worth following, social media often teaches teens that their self-worth is a matter of likes, clicks, and followers. What’s more, it presents teens with a false depiction of reality, since they only see the highlight reels and happy moments of other people’s lives. This makes them feel like they’re the odd ones out, as if everyone else is leading a charmed life except for them.

Have Any Questions? Want To Talk?

Parenting A Teenager Can Be Emotionally Taxing

Your teen’s struggles might keep you up night, flooding you with questions like: What am I doing wrong? What could I have done differently? What if I’m not raising them to be happy and well-adjusted? In this way, you might internalize your teen’s issues and worry that you’re to blame for them. 

The truth is that your teenager’s difficulties are not reflective of your parenting. Even the best of parents can’t singlehandedly solve a teen’s mental health issues. Sometimes teens simply need extra support from someone with an outside perspective, and that’s what a compassionate and empathetic counselor can provide.

Therapy Can Give Your Teen Skills That Last A Lifetime

Teenagers are used to seeing adults as authority figures, so they’re often resistant to share their feelings with them. The great thing about therapy is that it gives teens a chance to talk to someone who is not an authority figure. At Green Heart Therapy, our counselors are here to get on your teen’s level, follow their lead, and help them find the answers that are already within them.

Therapy is a place where your teen can learn more about how the brain works, try out new coping skills, and feel understood and validated. Whether your teen suffers from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, or any other emotional challenges, we’re confident that our approach to therapy can help them navigate the ups and downs of the teenage years.

What To Expect In Teen Counseling Sessions

Ideally, we will meet with you for an intake before the first session with your teen (although they are also welcome to be present for the intake). We can also do a half-session with you and a half-session with your teen instead—it all depends on what works best for you and your teen. 

Throughout treatment, we will make sure that you are involved and kept in the loop regarding your teen’s progress. You and your teen’s therapist will check in from time to time to discuss ways to help your teen in everyday life.

That said, we do want to respect the therapeutic process and allow your teen confidentiality in sessions. For your teen to work through their emotional challenges, they need to be able to process them openly and without fear of others knowing what they say.

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Our Approach To Teen Therapy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to teen counseling, since every teenager is different. Our therapists often use a psychodynamic, trauma-informed perspective, taking your teenager’s past, present, and future into account. 

For teens who struggle with negative self-beliefs and low self-esteem, we often utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The goal of CBT is to reframe your teen’s view of themselves and help them break out of unhelpful thought patterns.

For teens who are anxious and stressed out, many of our therapists use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). This approach incorporates a lot of mindfulness skills like meditation and deep breathing to help teens tolerate and regulate their stress levels. 

Additionally, our practice uses a Family-Based Treatment (FBT) to support kids with eating disorders. This way, you and your whole family can learn skills and strategies for helping your child overcome the challenges of disordered eating.

In the end, it’s important to remember that your teenager is still young and capable of profound healing and growth. With the right help and support, they can improve their confidence, get in touch with their true self, and learn skills that last a lifetime.

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You Might Have Some Questions And Concerns About Teen Therapy…

Obviously, whether your teenager comes to therapy is their choice. We encourage your teen to attend a session and see how they like it—there is no pressure to commit right away. Oftentimes, teens don’t want to go to therapy because they imagine it will just mean another adult lecturing them. That’s not the case. Our therapists are here to validate teens, listen to their concerns, and support their hopes and dreams.

No, it won’t! We understand that you’re doing the best you can, and we are here to support you 100 percent. Our goal is to empower you to help your teenager, not try to blame anyone for what they’re struggling with. We’ll give you parenting strategies that you can use in day-to-day life with your teenager.

Even if your teen is just going through a phase that will pass, their mental health is still important. Being proactive and having your teen in therapy at an early age can equip them with the emotional intelligence to navigate the challenges of adulthood. Besides, mental health issues don’t just go away on their own—teens usually need a strong support system in order to improve their wellbeing.

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