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Have You Noticed A Concerning Change In Your Child’s Behavior?

  • Is your child struggling with anxiety, depression, or an eating disorder?
  • Are they defiant, easily agitated, and prone to tantrums and meltdowns?
  • Despite all your efforts to help them, does it feel like you’re at a loss for answers?

Maybe your child is pervasively sad—they’re sleeping all the time and refusing to engage in the activities they love. Perhaps they’re anxious about school and they panic before every big test or presentation. They might suffer from social anxiety and have a tough time making new friends. As a result, you may be considering a child therapist.

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You Might Feel Like You’ve Done Everything You Can To Help Your Child, But To No Avail

As hard as things are for your child, they’re probably equally hard for you as a parent. You might lose sleep worrying about them. What’s more, you’ve probably invested so much time and energy into helping your child socially, emotionally, and academically—but nothing’s working. 

Sometimes, you might even blame yourself for your child’s struggles. You may continually ask yourself: Am I responsible for this? What could I have done differently?

Deep down, you probably just wish you could have your kid back—the one who was carefree, jovial, and not so consumed with worry. If this is the case, we encourage you to contact us. Here at Green Heart Therapy, our mission is to help your child improve their mental health and equip you with the tools to support them in day-to-day life.  

A Lot Of Kids Struggle With Their Mental Health—And Still Go On To Lead Fantastic Lives

When your child is having a hard time, it’s tempting to think that they’ll continue struggling. The good news is that many kids with mental health concerns don’t carry their struggles into adulthood. When children get the support they need, it’s much easier for them to overcome their challenges and set themselves up for future success.

And in our culture today, the need for child therapy has grown exponentially. After all, today’s kids are growing up in a stressful world. In addition to pressure from school, peers, and sports, they have to deal with all the complications of social media and an increasingly online world. Since children’s brains are still developing, many of them don’t have the tools or experience to regulate the stress coming from outside. That’s why getting help is so crucial.

Have Any Questions? Want To Talk?

Sometimes Even The Best Parents Need Extra Support

Mental health is complex—there’s a reason those of us who are therapists spend so many years learning about it. After all, the solutions to many mental health issues aren’t as intuitive as they seem.

For instance, if your child has anxiety, they might experience lots of irrational fears. If you try to tell them that their fears aren’t realistic, they might not listen. That’s because the rational part of their brain shuts down when they’re anxious—their stress prevents them from thinking clearly and realistically. As a result, it’s hard to know how to help them. 

What’s more, you’re emotionally invested in your child’s life. And while that’s a good thing, it makes it hard to view their situation objectively—no matter how great of a parent you are. A therapist can be impartial. They can help you step back and take a bird’s eye view of your child’s struggles, enabling you to see things in a new light.

Therapy Gives Your Child A Fun, Engaging Space To Learn Real-Life Skills

Let’s face it: your child probably doesn’t like sitting still for long periods of time. Here at Green Heart Therapy, they don’t have to. Counseling with us is fun, engaging, creative, and personalized to match each child’s needs and interests. Kids learn best in a hands-on way, and that’s why we utilize art and play to help them find solutions to everyday challenges. 

Whether your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, an eating disorder, or any other issue, we would be honored to provide them with compassionate, child-centered treatment. Along the way, you can expect to play an active role in your child’s journey and learn new parenting strategies.

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What To Expect In Child Therapy Sessions

The intake process is adjustable depending on the age of your child. If your child is on the younger side, we will generally meet with you for the first 30 minutes and then meet with both of you together for the next 30 minutes. If they’re ten or older, we’ll split those sessions individually so that we can have separate meetings with each of you.

Regardless of how we customize counseling, it’s very important for you and your family to be involved in your child’s healing process. We believe that you can’t work with a child without working with the family. After all, you are with your child more than anyone. The more empowered you are to help your child, the more empowered they’ll be to work through their mental health issues.

Creating Your Child’s Treatment Plan

We take a very skills-based approach to child therapy. If a child is dealing with anxiety, a typical session might involve asking them: what did you try this week? How well did it work? What can you do differently in the coming week? In this way, we’ll give them practical strategies that they can easily apply to their lives.

To keep therapy engaging for kids, we incorporate lots of toys, games, books, arts and crafts, and other fun supplies. Play therapy can help your child increase their creativity, lower their stress levels, and boost their confidence. What’s more, the activities we use are geared to help kids improve their problem-solving skills—they give kids a chance to experiment with different solutions to social, emotional, and academic issues.

In the end, it’s important to remember that the brain is capable of profound change. This is especially the case with kids, since their brains are still developing. Your child still has so much growth ahead of them. Our mission is to help them utilize their strengths to initiate that growth, setting them up for success both now and in the future. 

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You May Have Some Questions About Therapy For Children…

We hear you—some kids have trouble sitting still or staying focused. That’s why we have toys and art supplies that they can use during sessions. Our therapists have lots of experience working with children, so we know how to accommodate even the antsiest of kids and make therapy engaging for them. 

It’s normal for kids to stop misbehaving as soon as they’re somewhere unfamiliar. So if your child is difficult at home but not in therapy, that’s okay. We believe you when you say that your child acts out. We’re not going to judge you or tell you that your concerns are invalid. The good news is that even if your child never acts out in therapy, we can still give them strategies for managing their emotions when they’re at home. 

We believe that therapy is often sufficient enough to initiate healing and growth on its own. Medication can be helpful, but it cannot teach your child new skills or give them new insights—therapy can. If you would like to talk to a prescriber, we would be happy to connect you to one—but it is always 100-percent your choice. 

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