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Do You Long For A Sense Of Peace In Your Mind And Body?

  • Has anxiety kept you from being able to live a full and happy life?
  • Are you struggling with racing thoughts, excessive worry, and negative self-talk?
  • Do you feel like your whole world has shrunk because of how anxious you are?

Maybe you’re always catastrophizing about what will happen tomorrow and imagining the worst-case scenario. This could lead to sleep troubles, stomach distress, or panic attacks. Perhaps you find yourself saying no to social events because you’re afraid of messing up or feeling out of place. Yet the more you withdraw, the smaller your world becomes—making anxiety all the more powerful. For the first time, you may be thinking of talking to a therapist.

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Anxiety Makes You Unable To Trust Your Own Intuition

When you have anxiety, it’s only natural to keep engaging in behaviors that make you feel safe. If you suffer from a particular phobia, you may go to great lengths to avoid the source of your fear. And if you struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), you might find yourself endlessly “checking” to make sure the house is in order or conferring with other people to make sure you didn’t say or do the wrong thing.

But the more your brain seeks reassurance, the less independently you can live. It’s like you can’t trust your gut or rely on your own inner wisdom. You need external sources to reassure you that things are okay.

If you want to break out of this anxious mindset and get your life back, we encourage you to connect with us. Here at Green Heart Therapy, our mission is to help you slow down your racing thoughts, restore your independence, and learn to lean on your own intuition when anxiety overwhelms you.

Anxiety Is A Survival Mechanism That Often Spirals Out Of Control

Many people say they wish they didn’t have anxiety. But if you didn’t have anxiety, you wouldn’t be able to live a healthy life. After all, anxiety serves a protective function—it’s what tells you to look both ways before you cross the street, lock your door when you leave the house, and prepare for that big test or job interview. A little bit of anxiety can help you stay regulated and alert.

Unfortunately, anxiety often spirals out of control and shows up even when it doesn’t need to. This is the case for millions of people today. In fact, roughly one in five Americans suffers from an anxiety disorder. And considering how many people live with undiagnosed anxiety, the actual number is probably even higher.

Have Any Questions? Want To Talk?

Anxiety Is Inevitable In A Culture As Busy And Success-Crazed As Ours

We’re encouraged to prioritize individual success above all else and fill our schedules with more than we can handle. In our area of California, the pressure to succeed is astronomically high. From a young age, people are expected to get into prestigious universities, land high-paying jobs, and quickly climb the corporate ladder.

Additionally, the reliance on technology and social media has made many of us more isolated than we’ve ever been. And the lonelier we are, the harder it is to maintain perspective. That’s why having a tight-knit community of friends or family lowers your risk of developing anxiety.

If anxiety thrives in isolation, then therapy is the natural antidote—a chance to heal your emotional wounds by connecting with a supportive and compassionate professional.

Therapy Can Help You Manage Your Anxiety And Get Your Life Back

It’s so easy to feel alone when you’re struggling with anxiety, as if you’re the only person in the world with your particular fear or phobia. That’s why therapy is such an eye-opening experience. So many people who come to see us are relieved to find out how common their struggles are. In this way, knowledge is power—knowing that you’re not alone in your pain and that you’re capable of healing is so empowering and liberating to realize.

At Green Heart Therapy, we want you to realize this for yourself. We’ll teach you more about how anxiety works, what function it serves in your life, and what you can do to manage it more effectively. Our practice offers therapy for people struggling with OCD, social anxiety, panic attacks, and many other stress-related conditions.

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What To Expect In Anxiety Treatment Sessions

It is human nature to try and avoid what makes you anxious. But in order to heal from anxiety, you can’t go under it, over it, or around it—you have to go through it. Therapy gives you a chance to walk through your anxiety in an environment that’s safe, supportive, and accepting of you and your unique challenges.

One of the main approaches we use to treat anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The goal of CBT is to help you identify and challenge the negative thought patterns fueling your anxiety (e.g., “If I mess up, it means I’m unworthy”), allowing you to achieve a more realistic perspective.

Our therapists also treat anxiety with Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), which is a form of CBT. Through ERP, you can slowly and gradually build the courage to confront your fears. This way, you’ll be able to trust your intuition and manage your stress without relying on external sources (such as reassurance-checking).

For clients looking to learn practical skills for controlling anxiety, we often draw from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). This approach can teach you mindfulness, breathwork, and other calming techniques for regulating your emotions.

By drawing from a wide range of evidence-based approaches and providing you with unconditional support, we’re confident that you can learn to manage your anxiety more effectively. The brain has an incredible power to change. Our mission is to help you access that power and use it to get your life back.

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You May Have Some Questions About Anxiety Therapy…

Anxiety is like a wave—it always comes down, even when it feels like your anxiety will just build and build forever. Therapy can teach you to ride the wave in a safe and controlled way. When you talk about anxiety in a purposeful way and gradually confront the sources of your anxiety, your fears generally start to lessen. What’s more, therapy always goes at a pace that’s right for you, ensuring that your symptoms never spiral out of control during sessions.

Many, many people have been exactly where you are, only to experience healing and transformation through the power of therapy. You might not be able to eliminate anxiety, but with the right support, you absolutely can reduce your symptoms and live a fuller, happier life. Even if you’re skeptical, wouldn’t you rather give yourself a chance to see if therapy can help you?

Your time is important and so are your finances. That said, therapy is an investment in your mental health that can positively impact the rest of your life. Since anxiety grows more powerful in isolation, a therapeutic relationship can act as the catalyst for deep, meaningful change in your life. What’s more, you may have Out-of-Network insurance benefits that you can use to pay for treatment. We can check your eligibility for you (email us!) or you can check it through Mentaya’s website form

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Therapy can train your brain to unlearn anxious thought patterns and overcome the fears that are driving them. To learn more about how anxiety counseling can help you, you can email us or use the booking platform to schedule a free phone consultation.